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Food Pantry Surplus; Urging Locals to Come In

News from Mancelona Food Pantry (North Maple Street location):



You may be thinking that because you are being blessed with stimulus monies, why come to the food

pantry? You may think, let those “who really need it” use it.


Well………We miss your smiling faces!  We need and want to share what we have with you. So many individuals and organizations have been so supportive during this crisis. We have more than ever to offer.  Fresh fruits and veggies; cheese; eggs; canned, frozen and fresh meats and fish; breads and pastries; nuts and dry fruits; cereals and grains, complete frozen dinners and so much more.  


Please consider using your stimulus money to:


.Pay any overdue bills.

.Pay off high interest debt.

.Pay for needed car or home maintenance.

.Pay ahead on your rent.

.If possible create an emergency fund.


You are not taking away from other families - we have plenty to share.  Please come and take advantage of all the goodness from all those individuals and organizations who have stepped up because they care about you, your family and the well being of our community.


We truly hope to see you soon.


One last note:

If you are a senior who cannot visit the pantry yourself, please give us a call - we may be able to assist.  231-587-9606   (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-3)