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Communities In Schools Connects With Students

During the past few months Communities In Schools of Northwest Michigan has been willing to do whatever it takes to surround kids with a community of support, even in the face of a global emergency. This means that CIS has brought even more passion and innovation to help kids access medical care, secure food, complete learning materials, and more.

Learning During CIS Summer Programs

Communities In Schools of Northwest Michigan Site Coordinators and staff were thrilled to provide interesting, thought provoking and lively IN person learning experiences during summer programs at Kalkaska Middle School, Mancelona Elementary School, Mancelona Middle School and Mancelona High School. During the programs the students adapted well to the COVID-19 protocols and did not let them get in the way of having fun and being creative!

Kalkaska Middle School

CIS summer school students at Kalkaska Middle School did not waste time jumping back into learning! They were involved in a great deal of stem activities.  The first day they identified insects and other living organisms in pond scum. They also learned how to make a family friendly game of hatchet throwing and creating and programming robots.

Who did it? The students investigated a crime scene to solve a robbery case an as the only evidence was soil, they measured the PH levels and other indicators through soil samples and identified the suspect. Later in the week students were on target learning the fundamentals of archery and to celebrate the last week of CIS Summer Programs the Kalkaska Middle School students got their hands dirty in project that proved to be fun for both the kids and the adults such as hydro dipping, tie dyeing and decal pressing!

Mancelona Elementary School

Problem solving is something students attending the CIS Summer Programs at Mancelona Elementary School do every day with pride.  They were tasked with opening a large ball of ice to find a treasure inside and they needed to figure out the best way to complete the mission!  They explored paleontology by using chocolate chip cookies and dinosaur eggs.  The students were able to pretend to time travel by building little ships and covered wagons. Two fun things to do in the summer are go to the beach and tie dye. The CIS elementary kids combined both activities into one by personalizing beach towels!

Mancelona Middle School

CIS summer school students at Mancelona Middle School engaged in many creative activities such as competing in an obstacle course, making origami bookmarks to go with their free books from First Book and creating stories and scenes with Lego Story Starters. They also wrote stories about the Chia pets they grew. The students engaged in painting canvases with water colors while having social emotional learning conversations as well as painted canvas tote bags while engaged in positive self-talk conversations.

Mancelona High School

At the CIS summer program at Mancelona High School thirteen high school students participated in online credit recovery and all 13 recaptured credit.  25 semester credits in total were earned. Also, CIS of Northwest Michigan was able to coordinate an assist 14 incoming seniors in their enrollment, orientation,  test prep and test taking to Baker College so these students can be eligible to participate in our high school sponsored Baker College dual enrollment program. Lastly, 8 students engaged in virtual cooking, gardening and college/career activities on google classroom.

Supporting Students and Families During a Global Pandemic

CIS of Northwest Michigan (CIS), in partnership with school districts, works to alleviate the stress for our students and families by asking community members to donate money or supplies through our annual “Stuff the Bus” Campaign.
For more information and find out how you can help, visit our Stuff the Bus page on our website.

A BIG Thank You to our "Stuff the Bus" donors:
Antrim County Title Inc.
Living Word North
Mancelona Food Pantry & Resale
Mancelona Rotary Club
Mancelona United Methodist Church
Mancelona Veterinary Hospital
Front Porch Ministries
Boyne Valley Catholic Community
Stobert Dental
and many generous individuals!

School Partners for the 2020/21 School Year